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Listening to Self-Advocates Voices

Being accepted for who you are and being in relationships has many benefits, yet people with developmental disabilities face barriers in achieving acceptance and for building friendships and romantic sexual relationships that they desire because of restrictions, lack of control, […]

Disability Awareness

                  Here’s the link to the video Katherine here… I spent many years as a non-disabled person and people interacted with me as such. They saw me as an independent, regular person […]

Healthy Boundaries Lesson

Your body is your own and you get to decide what is okay for you and not okay for you. These personal rules are called personal boundaries. Each person has different personal boundaries. For example, some people don’t like to […]

Self-Advocates Speak Up About Sex

Members of Green Mountain Self-Advocates in Vermont held a discussion group about sexuality for the purpose of sharing their thoughts and experiences. Here are their candid responses to a number of questions about the messages they received about sexuality over […]

Turning the Gray Areas into Black and White

“Part of me longs for a job where there’s not a gray area”. Jodie Foster Can you relate? Gray areas make everything harder, especially when working with people with I/DD. Here’s Oxfords dictionary’s definition of a gray areas: “an ill-defined […]

Nothing About Us Without Us

I remember the day Karen Topper, Executive Director of Green Mountain Self Advocates, asked, “can we create a sexuality education curriculum where people with developmental disabilities are teachers and are actively involved in creating this educational tool?” This startling statement […]

Knowledge is Power

“I was in the mainstream health class in high school learning about health with students without disabilities. When the sexuality unit started, they removed me from class.” ~Anonymous Self Advocate I remember the shock I felt when a self-advocate told […]

Autism and Gender Identity

Gender Identity and Transgender Guide What Is The Different Between Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation? As a transman in a workshop said, “gender identity is who you are and sexual orientation is who you do.” Gender identity is our internal […]

Supplemental Resources

SexEd Mart
SexEd Mart materials have been specifically adapted to help teach concepts of sexual health and healthy relationships
to individuals with intellectual differences, developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
They specialize in learning sequencing cards, activity kits, and instructional materials.

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