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Katherine is incredible and really helps people learn in a way that they feel comfortable and believes in people with disabilities that they can teach sexuality and much more if given the chance . People felt like they could talk to her and ask her anything. When people are asked to talk about sex sometimes it is not an easy thing to do, but with Katherine there, people were asking questions and were comfortable learning a lot and didn’t want the time to end. We hope she will come to Chicago again. Katherine is such an incredible person and she makes a big difference in people with disabilities lives.

Tia Nelis, Self advocate

Katherine McLaughlin is a phenomenal trainer full of energy and knowledge. She is skilled at creating an extremely comfortable environment for people to learn about such an important and sensitive topic. The two day workshop she led for us included people with a wide range of knowledge and experience on the topic, including people with and without developmental disabilities. She was able to engage this diverse audience and make the participants feel confident with the information and resources they gained.

Katie Arnold, Community Support Coordinator
Institute on Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois-Chicago

Katherine is an inspired trainer who shares her knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way. The training gave me many good pointers on how to be an effective group leader. The curriculum is very comprehensive and well done. I like the way I can pick and choose which units to use depending on the needs of my group. The lesson plans are user friendly, with clear language and great visuals for the handouts. I would recommend this curriculum to anyone interested in putting together a comprehensive sexuality education program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Linda Sandman
University of Illinois-Chicago

Hello My Name is Tia Nelis. I would like to share with you about the sexuality curriculum. It is the best one out there. It has pictures and easy to understand language. Katherine and Green Mountain Self-Advocates did an awesome job. We have used it where I work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. People really enjoy using it.

Tia Nelis
Co-President of SABE

Katherine McLaughlin has an incredible ability to teach people with developmental disabilities about sexuality. She provides a safe atmosphere for them to ask questions and share their concerns without feeling hesitation. Even though sex and relationships are not easy to talk about, we always feel comfortable with Katherine.The work that she does has created a strong relationship between her and self-advocates because her teaching style is very accessible. This is important so self-advocates can get the right information without feeling self-conscious. I highly recommend Katherine as an awesome person to work with!

Max Barrows, Self Advocate
Green Mountain Self Advocates

Katherine Mclaughlin is a dynamic and enthusiastic educator that is willing to tackle the tough topics that many shy away from. Having attended one of her “Becoming a Sexuality Educator” Seminars, I am more than ready to answer the questions our individuals may ask and do so in a well-informed yet easy to understand way. Her curriculum has giving me tools I need to run an effective Healthy Relationship focused group free of judgement and preset roles. Our agency as a whole will benefit from her program and I benefited as an educator from her live session. I highly recommend her curriculum as well as her live seminar.

Alfred Dufour III
Training Coordinator for LEAP, Farmington Maine

This training was informative, comprehensive and provided an in-depth knowledge of how to provide healthy relationships and sexuality training for individuals with I/DD. I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone looking to advocate for and support individuals with I/DD in their right to sexual expression!

As someone who mostly hasn’t worked with this population, it was really helpful hearing examples of real life situations and hearing the messages that self-advocates want other folks to hear. I learned so much about best practices, arguments for teaching sex-ed to people with I/DD, and common barriers to sexual autonomy for this population.