Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To empower, motivate, and educate self-advocates, professionals and parents, to gain confidence, comfort, knowledge and skills to teach and talk openly about sexuality which will enable people with developmental disabilities to lead sexually healthy lives.

Our Values

Doing good for the world equals doing well as a company. We put people first and each individual has the basic right of dignity and respect.

We believe in the self-advocacy movement, nothing about us without us, and include people with disabilities to create, teach, and evaluate our products.

We believe in reducing stigma, creating cultural change, inclusivity, positivity, and lifting people up because all people are sexual beings.

We are committed to our customers, offering excellent customer service and providing leading edge training and supporting products by meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Thoughtful decision making, creative solutions and thought provoking problem solving lead to innovative support for individuals with I/DD and the people in their lives.

We have a team of trendsetting and outstanding individuals, evolving with each moment by taking on the stance of a learner to continually improve, support and empower each other through skillful means, humor, kindness and innovation.

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