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We Understand the Challenges of Addressing Sexuality With People With Developmental Disabilities

As national leaders in the field of sexuality and intellectual and developmental disability we offer evidence and trauma informed curriculum, online training, in-services and workshops to help professionals, educators, self-advocates and parents skillfully and confidently navigate the topic of sexuality.

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Welcome! I’m Katherine McLaughlin.

With 25 years of experience as an educator and trainer with a specialty in sexuality and developmental disability, I’m also a member of the disability community and understand both personally and professionally the issues people with disabilities face. We named the company to represent our mission – to elevate us all – especially people with disabilities.

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Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality:
Becoming a Sexuality Educator and Trainer

A 3-Day Certificate Training for anyone who works with people with developmental disabilities and wants to lead sexuality education classes and staff/parent trainings.

When it comes to talking about sexuality, people with disabilities are often excluded; almost as if they’re incapable of having sexual thoughts, feelings and needs. In reality, they too are sexual beings who need the information and skills for making healthy decisions about sexuality. Though agencies who work with people with developmental disabilities know that sexuality issues need to be addressed, they often don’t feel comfortable or competent enough to do so. This training will give you the curriculum, tools, and skills you need to teach sexuality education classes and lead staff/parent trainings.

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Online Training: Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality 101

Live, online training for professionals who work with people with I/DD.

Gain skills and tools to address healthy relationship education.

People with developmental disabilities are often left out of the conversation about sexuality, almost as if they are incapable of having thoughts, feelings, and needs. In reality, they, too, are sexual beings that need information and skills for making healthy decisions about sexuality.

As someone who works with people with developmental disabilities, you may be the most likely person to discuss sexuality with them, or someone with a developmental disability may approach you with questions about sexuality.

This workshop will help you become more comfortable talking about this sensitive topic by discussing what needs to be taught when and how to help people with developmental disabilities have safe and satisfying relationships.

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This is a live, online training. We use a video conference platform (Ring Central, powered by Zoom) to deliver the training. There will be opportunity for questions and live engagement with the facilitator and other participants.

Registration is limited to 25 participants! Register today to secure a spot.

Katherine McLaughlin is a phenomenal trainer full of energy and knowledge. She is skilled at creating an extremely comfortable environment for people to learn about such an important and sensitive topic.

Katie Arnold, Community Support Coordinator
Institute on Disability and Human Development
University of Illinois-Chicago

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