Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality:
Becoming a Sexuality Educator and Trainer

Become a Sexuality Educator and Trainer

This 3-day certificate training is for anyone who works with people with developmental disabilities and wants to lead sexuality education classes and staff/parent trainings.

Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886798975-8066) for 17 continuing education contact hours.

Increase your skill and comfort level when addressing sexuality with people with developmental disabilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the training and support you need to make a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

“We hosted Katherine’s training with over 25 of our providers in attendance. I also participated in the training and found it to be absolutely incredible. Katherine’s very easy to understand curriculum and her open style of teaching made the workshop especially valuable. Many of the providers who attended are now going on to develop their own sex ed groups for the individuals we serve.”

Rhiannon Maycumber, MSW
Community Education and Training Specialist
Westside Regional Center

2019 Dates and Locations

Early registration discount available for some trainings. These trainings sell out fast, so register now.

November 6-8 – in San Bernardino, CA – click here to learn more or to register

November 13-15 -Baltimore, MD – click here to learn more or to register

2020 Dates and Locations

January 15-17 – live, ONLINE, video conference – click here to learn more or to register

February 10-12 – live, ONLINE, video conference – click here to learn more or to register

March 4-6 – in Decatur, GA – click here to learn more or to register

March 25-27 – Denver, CO – click here to learn more or to register

April 15-17 – in Worcester, MA – click here to learn more or to register


“This was excellent! I feel much more prepared to discuss these topics with parents, staff, and individuals with IDD”.

“I would encourage anyone who cares about safety and quality of life for people with disabilities to take this course. It will bust through myths you’ve heard, barriers you anticipate, and worries you may have about sexuality and disability.”

“It exceeded expectations. Great knowledge and skill development. I know what to do next.”

“As a starter class for me, it had everything I felt I would need to begin my journey in becoming a sexuality educator.”

“The instructor really did a good job being informative, keeping the participants on track, allowing for progressive discussion, and better prepares you to engage this process.”

“I loved the course, I will keep studying the theme and the materials. Helped me a lot, and made me feel more comfortable to talk and address talk about sex. I loved the format, really interactive.”

“Thank you Katherine for an outstanding 3-day session. I am more confident about this subject matter and committed to implementing it in my training program.” – Atlanta participant

“This is wonderful and everyone that works with individuals with disabilities should come to this training.” – Jennifer Hayes

“This was the best training I’ve ever attended. It was so engaging. Have a lot of great materials to bring back with me. Thoughtfully conducted.” – Worcester participant.

“After attending this training, I have the tools and knowledge to embark upon the journey of teaching on the subject of Human Sexuality. I had fun, laughed and built friendships that will last a lifetime. One of the first experiences educating a group on this topic after completing the training, I made large poster that said, ‘Your body is your own.’ A young person approached me after our time together and asked if they could take a picture of the poster. ‘I want to show this to my girlfriend because she tries to put the sex on me.’

“I knew this was an important conversation we were having and am so happy to have been given the tools to mindfully guide this young person along the journey of self-advocacy. When we take the fear and stigma away from the topic of “sex” we are able to educate and begin to have meaningful conversations that are empowering.” – Maggie Rollwagen – MSW

Wondering if this training is right for you? Check out this short video where individuals are excited to share their experience.