Curriculum: Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities

Evidence Informed/Trauma Informed Curriculum
for people who need content and tools to teach sexuality classes

Everything You Need To Teach An Effective, Engaging Sexuality Class

Newly Designed, Updated and Revised Edition

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  • Evidence Informed. Read our 1-page summary of an independent assessment, or the full 32-page report.
  • Trauma Informed.
  • Suitable for high school through adult.
  • We combined the school and agency versions into one comprehensive, updated edition.
  • Includes internet, social media, inclusive language, and all gender identities and expression.

This one-of-a-kind curriculum has been field-tested and praised by experts and laypeople alike. It’s cognitively accessible and designed for teams of self-advocates, staff and teachers to co-lead an inspiring and engaging sexuality class.

Included with the curriculum is a comprehensive Instructor Manual that provides tips on how to establish a sexuality education class and how to be an effective, engaging sexuality educator. It also outlines common challenges when teaching this topic and offers innovative strategies to help overcome them.

Free Content Samples

1. Table of Contents (PDF)
2. Sample Lesson Plan (PDF)
3. Sample Handout (PDF)
4. Side-by-Side Comparison of Our Two Curriculum (PDF)

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Collage of five photos showing people practicing teaching sexuality education classes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The training modules and curriculum that Katherine has designed set the standard for sexual education for individuals with ID/DD. They are straight forward, sensitive, humane, and with compassion.

Dr. Robb Weiss, Psy. D., BCBA-D

Benefits of this Curriculum

Includes Everything You Need to Get Started

Every lesson includes a script, interactive activities, handouts, and teaching tools-Everything you need to present sexuality education classes in your agency or school.

Inclusive of all Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities

Includes a Gender Identity and Transgender guide with current terminology and ways to support LGBTQIA+ participants or students.

Promotes Sexual Self-Advocacy

Help people with disabilities to become sexual self advocates. It teaches participants about speaking up regarding relationships and sexuality and also within relationships. Throughout the lessons, this term is referenced and tools are used for practicing.

You Can Start Slow and Add Other Lessons

There are 22 lessons, but you can pick and choose what topics will work in your setting. Once you see how well the curriculum is received, you can add more topics to your class.

Involvement of People with Disabilities

Designed for and by people with developmental disabilities. Having people with disabilities as part of creating the curriculum produced a cognitively accessible resource.

Focus on Abuse Prevention

Comprehensive healthy sexuality content with abuse prevention lessons and techniques

Interactive Opportunities to Practice skills

Throughout the curriculum there are many opportunities for participants to practice skills such as public versus private, how to meet new people, and communication skills. These are done through skits, roleplays, and other techniques.

People With Disabilities as Teachers

This curriculum is designed to be team taught with people with disabilities and staff, but can also be used just by staff.

Curriculum Includes

22 Well Scripted Lesson Plans

High quality, well paced lessons plans designed by an expert in sexuality education. The scripts help you guide your class through the learning objectives and give you the words to say, including the modeling of inclusive language.

Teaching Tools

These accompany the lessons, make the learning more effective, and make your life easier.

Curriculum Slide Deck (sold separately)

Our Curriculum Slide Deck is a companion product to assist people in teaching classes either on or offline.


Visually pleasing with graphic representations for learning. Digital handouts and teaching tools in both English and Spanish are available upon request.

Instructor Manual

This manual helps you learn how to be a good sexuality instructor, how to set up classes, and many more practical skills for teaching this topic.

Communication Boards & Cards (sold separately)

Communication boards and cards are assistive devices designed with graphics and words to support communication and assess understanding for people with limited and/or unreliable speech, trauma history, or anxiety.

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I literally am getting phone calls every single day from folks on Long Island looking for someone to provide this information. Your curriculum is incredible! I am so thrilled that I took your class and I’m able to provide this information in such a concrete and respectful manner. I want to appreciate all of the hard work you put into this. Thank you so much. You are truly changing the lives of so many families.

Laura H. Pace, MS, All Ability Wellness, LLC

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Curriculum Only
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  • Curriculum Includes
  • 22 Lesson Plans
  • Handouts
  • Teaching Tools
  • Instructor Manual
  • School-Specific Guidance
  • Communication Supports: Boards and Cards
  • Curriculum Slide Deck

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Pay via check or PO (offline) or credit card (online).

Curriculum + Communication Supports
+ Slide Deck


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Pay via check or PO (offline) or credit card (online).

The curriculum is very comprehensive and well done. I like the way I can pick and choose which units to use depending on the needs of my group. The lesson plans are user friendly, with clear language and great visuals for the handouts. I would recommend this curriculum to anyone interested in putting together a comprehensive sexuality education program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Linda Sandman, University of Illinois-Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the curriculum and what to expect after your purchase

Who is the curriculum designed for?

This curriculum is designed to teach sexuality education classes to people with developmental disabilities.

Who teaches the course?

It is designed for teams of people with disabilities and staff to teach the curriculum. Some agencies and schools just use staff as the teachers. Either way, it is getting useful information and skills to people with disabilities.

What topics are covered in the lessons?

Topics include public and private, different types of relationships, decision-making and communication skills, relationship skills, sexual health, and many more.

What do you mean by well scripted?

Since many people don’t feel like experts in teaching sexuality, this curriculum tells you exactly what to say to get you started. It also helps if you include people with disabilities as one of the teachers. But really, everyone needs a little help when teaching this topic.

Tell me more about the teaching tools.

One of the hardest parts of teaching any topic is finding good tools to make your teaching more effective. All the tools needed for the activities are included so you don’t have to look any further. Many of the tools are photos to aid you in teaching.

How is this curriculum different from your other curriculum?

Please see this side-by-side comparison (PDF) showing the difference between this curriculum and our curriculum, Building Healthy Relationships at Work.

There’s a manual that goes with the curriculum, what does that include?

The manual topics are sexual self-advocacy, setting up your class, the role of a sexuality educator, challenges in teaching, and how to overcome these challenges. We can also provide additional training on how to teach sexuality education classes. Learn more.

Is there a shipping charge?

We ship the curriculum via ground service for a charge of $16 per curriculum if shipped within the US and $25 per curriculum if shipped outside the US.

What happens after I order, how does the curriculum arrive?

The curriculum is a physical spiral bound book that will be shipped to you after payment or a purchase order is received. It typically takes 5-10 days to arrive.

Can I buy with a purchase order and check, rather than on line?

Yes, if your agency or organization requires this type of purchase, it is a payment option.

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I would like to share with you about the sexuality curriculum. It is the best one out there. It has pictures and easy to understand language. Katherine and Green Mountain Self-Advocates did an awesome job. We have used it where I work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. People really enjoy using it.

Tia Nelis, Co-President of SABE

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