Curriculum + Communication Supports: Boards & Cards


This package includes our Communication Supports: Boards and Cards, as well as our one-of-a-kind Curriculum: Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities – for people who need content and tools to teach sexuality classes.

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Communication boards and cards are assistive devices designed with graphics and words to support communication and assess understanding for people with limited and/or unreliable speech. Communication and learning can be facilitated by supporting a person in pointing, gesturing, and/or gazing at the various images and terms. These supports can also be used with non-readers or any learner to assess knowledge.

These communication boards and cards were designed by experts in the fields of sexuality education and special education to go with our Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities curriculum. There are boards and cards for each of the 22 lessons. Everything you need comes in a storage box with individual rings so you can conveniently assemble the cards in customized groups to match the lessons.

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum has been field-tested and praised by experts and laypeople alike. It’s cognitively accessible and designed for teams of self-advocates, staff and teachers to co-lead an inspiring and engaging sexuality class. Included with the curriculum is a comprehensive Instructor Manual that provides tips on how to establish a sexuality education class and how to be an effective, engaging sexuality educator. It also outlines common challenges when teaching this topic and offers innovative strategies to help overcome them.


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