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A Prelude to Consent

As sexuality educator, I teach people how to say no, but it’s also my job to teach people how to say yes. To be able to say yes to the things you really want and no to the things you […]

Autism and Gender Identity

Article This article is short and explores Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and the connection to Autism. This article is longer, but provides some real examples of people with Autism who are “gender variant” or “Transsexual.” It also has […]

Consider This: Self Advocates as Sexuality Educators?

One way to help people with developmental disabilities lead sexually healthy lives is to provide sexuality education classes. Here at Elevatus, we believe the most effective way of doing this is by including self-advocates in the teaching team.  Here are […]

COVID-19 Resource for People with IDD

    This resource is an 8 page handout you can share with the people you work with. SARTAC is the Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center:  This booklet was created by Green Mountain Self-Advocates, a SARTAC partner.      

Disability Awareness

                  Here’s the link to the video Katherine here… I spent many years as a non-disabled person and people interacted with me as such. They saw me as an independent, regular person […]

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Recommended Products

Am I Ready? Sexual Pressure Cards from Sex Ed Mart. Questions that say, Do I have to be in a relationship to have sex?, How do I deal with the pressures of sex?, Do I have to ask for consent before engaging in sexual activity, and Can I say no to sex?

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SexEd Mart

SexEd Mart materials have been specifically adapted to help teach concepts of sexual health and healthy relationships to individuals with intellectual differences, developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorders. They specialize in learning sequencing cards, activity kits, and instructional materials.

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SkillFlix logo that says, “See it. Do it.”

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SkillFlix™ is a video training platform that hones the skills of parents, educators, and healthcare workers. The site features sequences of short videos that model multiple facets of skills (Microskills™) searchable by topics, skills, or keywords. SkillFlix for Parents offers a subscription-based video library for parents of 12-18 year olds with mild to moderate Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). This collection of over 80 short videos helps parents refine their communication skills when talking to their teens about relationships and sexual health topics, ultimately resulting in better health, education, and life outcomes for their teens with IDD.

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