Curriculum Slide Deck Terms of Use


Please read this agreement fully, and click “I Agree” below, so you’re clear about how you can use this product.

Elevatus Training, LLC
Curriculum Slide Deck

Elevatus Training, LLC has developed a presentation referred to as Curriculum Slide Deck, which is to be used in conjunction with our curriculum, Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities one on one, in the classroom, online or offline.


We hereby grant you the non transferable right to use the product for your own internal use, within your business, agency or school in conjunction with the implementation of the Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities curriculum. We kindly ask that you not transfer this product to another business, agency or school, instead, we ask that you please share our website, so others may purchase for themselves.

Elevatus Training owns the copyright of this product and we ask that you please respect our intellectual property. However, in the spirit of our mission, to make our content accessible and relevant we have made the PowerPoint version of the slide deck editable (the Google Slide deck version is view only).

Which Version of the Slide Deck Should I Use?

If you want to JUST view and present the slide deck as is, and have no need to adjust the slides, add slides or edit – you can use the Google Slides version. You only have viewer access to these.

If you want to adjust slides, add slides or edit, use the PowerPoint version. For best results, DO NOT open the PowerPoint version in Google Drive (it will mess up the formatting). Download the decks to your computer. Then, open up PowerPoint and edit them there as per the below instructions and terms of use.

We ask:

  • Please keep all Elevatus Slides as is. If you don’t want to use a slide, hide the slide.
  • Please don’t change the template on any slides that contain our content.
  • You have permission to add slides. If you add additional slides, we ask that you not use the name Elevatus Training, or our logo on any slides you add to this presentation that contains your content.
  • If you’re creating a hybrid slide, some content of ours, some of yours, please give Elevatus Training attribution for our content.
  • If you want to adapt slides per the examples below, you may, but please maintain our formatting template, and branding;
    • Spreading the information out on to more slides
    • Swapping out certain words or images (to use images or vocabulary your audience is more familiar with)
    • Changing the font size

To agree to these terms and conditions, please click I Agree below.

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Once you click “I agree,” you will be forwarded to a page to access the slide deck.

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