Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality 101

Live, Online Training: Gain Skills and Tools to Address Healthy Relationship Education

Increase your skill and comfort level when addressing healthy relationships and sexuality, abuse prevention, answering questions
and responding to behaviors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the training and support you need to make a difference in the lives of people you work with.

People with developmental disabilities are often left out of the conversation about sexuality, almost as if they are incapable of having thoughts, feelings, and needs. In reality, they, too, are sexual beings that need information and skills for making healthy decisions about sexuality.

As someone who works with people with developmental disabilities, you may be the most likely person to discuss sexuality with them, or someone with a developmental disability may approach you with questions about sexuality.

This workshop will help you become more comfortable talking about this sensitive topic by discussing what needs to be taught when and how to help people with developmental disabilities have safe and satisfying relationships.

Tuition for this training is $155, and includes: handouts, PowerPoint of presentation, pre and post training resources such as handouts, articles, etc., live Q&A and email access to the instructor.

Training Dates

This is a live, online training. We use a video conference platform (Ring Central, powered by Zoom) to deliver the training. There will be opportunity for questions and live engagement with the facilitator and other participants.

Registration is limited to 25 participants! Register today to secure a spot.

Best training I’ve attended online. Loved the ability for breakout sessions and small groups even while on zoom. It is easy to see your passion for this topic, and very easy to listen to and keep my interest in the discussion and topics.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Sexuality?
  3. Messages about Sexuality
  4. Sexual Development and Disability
  5. Values and Attitudes
  6. Working One-on-One
  7. Answering Questions and Responding to Behaviors
  8. Working with Parents/Guardians
  9. Wrap-up and Evaluation

Participants will:

  • Gain knowledge about sexuality and specific issues for people with developmental disabilities
  • Explore our own values and attitudes regarding sexuality and people with developmental disabilities
  • Learn how to answer questions and respond to behaviors
  • Explore ways to communicate about sexuality with people with developmental disabilities and their parents/guardians.

Training Dates

This was the most well taught course of instruction and materials I’ve attended in years. Totally current and relevant, Exceeded my expectations 100%. The quality of energy and experience in this course was of such high caliber that I would recommend it to any person serving the DD population.

 Dates and Locations

We’re sorry, we’re not currently offering this training

We hosted Katherine’s training with over 25 of our providers in attendance. I also participated in the training and found it to be absolutely incredible. Katherine’s very easy to understand curriculum and her open style of teaching made the workshop especially valuable. Many of the providers who attended are now going on to develop their own sex ed groups for the individuals we serve.

Rhiannon Maycumber, MSW
Community Education and Training Specialist
Westside Regional Center

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