Online Workshop: Preventing People with I/DD from Becoming Offenders, Suspects, and Inmates


People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are more likely to be arrested, convicted, sentenced to prison and then, victimized in prison. Once in the criminal justice system, these individuals are less likely to receive probation or parole and tend to serve longer sentences due to an inability to understand or adapt to prison rules.

Although we don’t have specific data on the numbers of sexual crimes, you may know of cases or stories where someone with I/DD texts a sexual photo to someone, exposes themselves, downloads child pornography, follows someone around the mall, or does not get consent for sexual activity.

As sexuality educators we understand our role in preventing abuse, but what topics and strategies need to be used for preventing offending behaviors? In this workshop we will hear a personal story from a young man with a disability and his father. Through this personal story we will hear about prevention efforts that may have helped with this situation. We will also review statistics and examine what topics and strategies are important to use in your classes or one-on-one conversation.

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