Online Workshop: Making Sexuality Education Accessible for Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Families


Many of us provide workshops, resources, and materials to families about how to discuss sexuality with their young and grown children with I/DD, but what about Hispanic/Latino/Latinx families who need the information just like other families? How do we provide access to this information and understand the impact on a person’s cultural beliefs, challenges, and barriers to having these conversations with professionals and with their own children with disabilities.

Our panel has lived experience in being Hispanic/Latino/Latinx or experience of working with these families as a professional. They will discuss the reality of being Hispanic/Latino/Latinx in the US and how this impacts families ability to have these sensitive conversations. They will share their personal stories of becoming “more open,” what they want from professionals, as well as many tips and tools for reaching these families.

Note: This is a pre-recorded, online workshop. After purchase, you will receive an “Order is Complete” email that will explain how to access the video recording, as well as any accompanying documents. If you do not receive this email in your Inbox, please check your SPAM folder.


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